Wow.  I didn’t realize I had neglected this blog for so long.

New post by the end of this week, I promise.


All I want for Christmas is you, gorgeous Kate Spade bag.

Hello.  You can come live at my house.



This was a great day.  A fun day, a happy day, a great day.

I like to be in control.  I don’t think that’s a surprise to anyone who knows me.

I like being in control of what’s going on around me.  And yet, I ended up screaming tonight.  Screaming.  At the top of my lungs.  At someone.

And it’s making me doubt something, and wonder something.

I hate that.

Testing, testing…

So, I had some more tests run this week, and I’m expecting to hear from the doctor on Thursday.  But the nurse did call with some preliminary results, and…they’re not bad.  They’re not over-the-top great, oh-my-gosh-why-aren’t-you-already-pregnant great, but they’re not bad.  So that’s a positive.  🙂

Also, I had my girls weekend trip this past weekend, which was much needed.  Beach?  There.  Wine?  In hand.  My sweet pup?  Having a ball.

Lovely ladies I’ve been friends with since college?  Absolutely.

Hit, and Hit Hard

Mr. JST and I got some not-so-good news on the baby-making front yesterday.  Basically, the odds are against us, and I have already scheduled an appointment with a fertility specialist for next week.

It’s a strange thing to process – infertility.  Like, “what do you mean, I may not be able to have a baby?”  I’m only 31.  I have a regular cycle.  I have normal pap results.  But you’re telling me that I have fewer eggs than I should have for my age, and they may be of poor quality?  But that’s not fair.

I have a feeling “that’s not fair” is going to be repeated a lot over the coming months.  But I’m also pretty sure that there’s very little about fertility that is fair.

Woe Man on the Street

I should not be allowed to participate in those “Man on the Street” interviews.  It never turns out well.

When I was a kid, I was interviewed by my small town’s weekly paper.  They posed the question, “What do you like most about summer?”  to me and three other children.

My answer?  “The hotness.”

Gracious.  One would think that I had never taken an English/Language Arts class.  Either that or I was really ahead of my time, and I was talking about the “hotness” of the pre-pubescent boys at the community pool.  Who knows?

A couple of weeks ago, I was approached by the Editor of one of the intown papers here in Atlanta, and I was asked the question, “What is your favorite college football team, and why?”  This is a softball question for me, y’all.  This is EASY.

Seriously?  SERIOUSLY?  Not only do I look drunk and shiny, with a wonky eye (plus, Lolita looks adorable next to me) but I’m also completely incoherent.  If you can’t read the text above, it says:

I am a Georgia alum.  That is my team.  I went to Georgia from out of state.  I am initially from South Carolina.  So, I became a Georgia supporter, but I was not raised a Georgia supporter.

What does that even MEAN?  And who cares where you’re from – that wasn’t the question!

Note to self: No more “Man on the Street” interviews.  EVER.


…to resurrect my blogging identity.

It’s the Friday night before the first UGA home game of the year.  If one were to rewind to eight, five, or even two years ago, Mrs. JBT would look awfully different.  She’d be excited, frazzled, attempting to organize, cook, clean off chairs, tables, tents, equipment, clean out coolers, prepare menus, and plan the perfect gameday attire.


Tonight?  I’m on the couch with a glass (aka bottle) of wine and my sanity intact.  A begrudging thanks to Michael Adams for his enlightened tailgating policy, which basically prohibits me from continuing my obsessive tailgating preparations this year.   I would have liked to make this decision on my own, but you know what?  I’m okay with it.  I’m okay with no planning.  I plan to enjoy leaving Atlanta in someone else’s car at 8:00 tomorrow morning, spending our time before the game in a downtown bar/restaurant, cheering on my Dawgs in Sanford Stadium until at least halftime (with no guilt if we do decide to leave then), and spending the rest of the day/night watching other games from the loveliness of my couch.  I must admit, however, there is still some obsessing over the gameday outfit.  A Georgia girl doesn’t just get over that without a serious intervention.

In other news, am I the only one who is smitten with Old Navy’s Boyfriend Cardigans?  I bought one in white back in early summer, and I wear it constantly.  So today, when I went by to return some shorts (I hate shorts.  Why did I buy these in the first place?), and I saw that my beloved cardigans were on sale for $10 each, I snatched up 2 – in black and taupe.  My lovelies, all set for fall.  Yum.

Happy Labor Day!  Oh, I am glad to be writing again – big yays.